ENN EC “Ecological Holdings Won ” and “Outstanding Corporate Governance Practice”

(November 27, 2017, Beijing) - Recently, “2017 ‘Golden Wisdom Award’ Listed Company Value Selection” sponsored by the financial sector was announced in Beijing. Under the theme of “returning to industry and rediscovering” in value, as an important representative of the real economy, ENN Ecological Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ENN EC”, SH 600803) won”, the listed company with the most sustainable investment value in “2017, and the outstanding corporate governance practice award for listed companies in China” in “2017, for its outstanding performance” in comprehensive value creativity such as economy, society, environment and governance. Both market value and corporate governance were recognized by authorities. 

Figure 1: ENN EC Won , “Listed Company with Most Sustained Investment Value in 2017”, and “Outstanding Corporate Governance Practice Award in China Listed Company in 2017,” 

In the award ceremony, Mr. Chief Accountant of ENN EC Liu Jianjun expressed his gratitude to the organizers for their active efforts and fruitful results. At the same time, he said: “as a listed company that attaches great importance to creating sustained and steady returns for all shareholders, ENN EC cherishes the honor obtained today. As an important part of the layout of the ENN Group natural gas industry chain, ENN EC will seize the great opportunities in the Chinese market, through continuous technical innovation, comprehensively enhance the supply capacity of natural gas at home and abroad, and better repay shareholders and society in the process of innovation and development.” 

Figure 2: Mr. 2: Chief Accountant of ENN EC Liu Jianjun Share the Speech on behalf of the Winning Enterprise

With China’s stable economic growth and controllable risks coming to light, the capital market valuation system will continue to be restructured and the return of value is gradually approaching. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) proposed that in order to build a modern economic system, the focus of economic development must be on the real economy, with improving the quality of the supply system as the main direction, significantly enhancing China’s economic quality advantages, and pointing out the direction of capital market trends. 

As one of the earliest listed companies in Hebei Province, ENN EC has made great progress in the past year. In the process of continuously pushing forward the strategic upgrade, ENN EC now has four major businesses that interact well. As the Company’s core business and development focus, the natural gas business has formed the core capability of upstream resources, and is building and improving the entire natural gas industry chain, with good room for stock price rise. In combination with the Company’s previous major integration actions such as investing in Santos in Australia, setting up LNG division and acquiring new projects, the Company has fully demonstrated its determination, ability and synergy to firmly and emphatically develop natural gas business. Under the background of long-term gradual recovery of oil prices and the explosion of consumption growth in the whole industry, many domestic and foreign institutions have given positive comments on ENN EC, such as “buying”, “increasing”, etc. It is precisely based on outstanding corporate governance practices that ENN EC has successively won these two great honors. 

“2017 Financial Listed Company Value Selection”, this year, based on an annual cycle, extracts relevant indicator data in the fields of enterprise market performance, financial status, trust and loan system, brand building, etc., collects its performance in different dimensions of technical innovation, industry progress, social contribution, etc., and then quantifies and counts the collected information through the financial sectors unique Z3 evaluation indicator system. On this basis, Based on the principles of experts, data, algorithms and multiple scoring, this paper finds out the value of enterprises, evaluates the achievements of enterprises, praises the contributions of enterprises, and makes multi-dimensional analysis on the potential value of listed companies in order to provide reference for investors. 

This selection is based on the principle of objectivity and fairness. The whole process can be traced back without any additional charges. Its authority and credibility have been greatly recognized by the market. 

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